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Hints and tips for using The Eyepeace


1. Once a day use only is recommended and you should squeeze on that occasion between 5-10 times.   

2. This is intended to help to express the (oil producing) meibomian glands within the eyelids to improve the tear film.  

3. Do not 'over-open' the lips of the eye massager, rather simply place onto the closed eyelids and gently but firmly squeeze the 'eyepeace' to vertically massage the lids and therefore the underlying meibomian glands. If you have loose eyelid skin, please lift this out of the way, prior to placing the massager onto your lids.  

4.The massager is intended to glide across the skin. 

5. If massaging results in the lid recurrently everting, while compressing the massager, please check that any loose skin is lifted out of the way and try to change the massager position on the lids to improve its gliding action.  

6. Do not over massage or massage in a way that causes any pain. If massaging is causing pain you should reduce the strength of massage and if it again recurs cease using the massager until you seek advice from a local eye specialist. 

7. You should not experience pain or see colours during use, you should not use if you have had a recent eye operation. When squeezing there should be a gliding motion over lids. You must read the caution (back of insert) before use.   

For additional advice please refer to the literature in the enclosed packaging of the Eyepeace product and or discuss with a local eye specialist (ophthalmologist or optician).   

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