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A patient had ocular rosacea and Meibomian cyst. She personally found the massage device very beneficial easy to use and her condition improved significantly while using the device. The use of the instrument resulted in meibum expression from the glands and increased oil in the tear film. Two weeks later there was less redness of the lid margins, tear film improved, tear break up time (TBUT) was not changed but the ocular surface was generally less red.

Mr K had itchy eyes for at least three decades.  When the itching occurred he just rubbed them vigorously. It was just an automatic reaction and he was not consciously aware of how often he did this until he discovered it was a matter for comment amongst those who knew him.  He mentioned this to his Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon who said that it should be curable.  We established that it was not an allergy by virtue of the fact that it was not seasonal. For two weeks Mr K used a simple eye mask, heated by submersing in boiling water and worn over the eyes for 10 minutes each day, followed by massaging of each eye using an eyepeace massager.  In this short time the itching has already diminished by more than 90% in both intensity and frequency.

Mrs G. aged 94 felt it was a ‘clever little device’. She feels her quality of life has improved since massaging alone, as her vision is sharper especially when watching television. Her corneal punctuate epitheliopathy resolved and her MGD improved.

Mrs W. reported significant improvement in eyelid pain caused by her MGD using the Eyepeace alone and better still in combination with the heat mask. Also very easy to use and keep clean.

Mr. B. reported improvement in reading vision since massaging alone and objectively his MGD improved significantly.

Mr. N. an Ophthalmologist suffering from MGD much prefers the Eyepeace to using his fingers and finds it significantly more effective.




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